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We create videos such as merchandising and also having a strong call to action outro for the client. 

Your Business Needs Video,

But Most Video Sucks.


Business with Randy

I placed an order. Had an almost immediate response. Had my finished product within a few hours. Maybe even less. Highly recommend!

Professional Videos Primed For Super-High Engagement On Web, Mobile & Social Media, All Delivered Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.

You don’t need stats or fancy graphs to tell you that video matters. It’s why you’re here, reading this.

So rather than tell you what you do know, let me tell you what you need to know.

When most people create a video for their business, they create the exact opposite of what they need.

When many people think video, they think a comfy sofa, popcorn, and a VHS.

Even the most up-to-date people still think of video in 2010 desktop terms.

But it’s not 2010. It’s almost 2020. By next year 82% of all traffic will be video traffic, and only a tiny fraction of that will be watched on desktop.

Which is why, when you get videos created by eDigitalBros you get a completely different type of video.

You Get The Right Video, In The Right Format, For The Right Platform To Achieve Your Specific Business Goals.

Today, Video comes in a lot of different flavours depending on where and how it’s being watched.

There are a ton more examples of how using the right video for the right platform is transforming business engagement on an entirely new level.

So there’s never been a better time to be thinking about using video in your business. But it needs the RIGHT video. Which is our speciality at eDigitalBros.

  • Square videos are dramatically outperforming classic videos on almost all types of social media… in some cases by as much as 100%.
  • Meme videos are being used to create rampant social engagement.
  • Vertical videos can now be fully-optimised for mobile viewing.
  • Captioned videos are creating significantly better ad results now that autoplay has been killed off …and they are dominating Facebook where 85% of users are watching with the sound turned off.

Not All Video Is Created Equal. Make Sure You Get The Best Video For Your Business

Portfolio Client no. 2

Whiteboard Explainer Video is among the most effective high engaging videos. With groups of artist gather together spending hours developing the drawings, we have it all covered. 

Having almost accurate human voice-overs.

Portfolio Client no. 3

Awareness Videos. We understand how difficult it can be to relay the message you have for your business. Create a story with us.

Let Us Transform Your Business Too

Ivana Sweetie


Fast delivery and revisions were done without confusion. I definitely recommend!


Rich Nobody

Very fast delivery. Great communication . Would highly recommend to anyone. I plan on working with again

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Our Services

Square Video

Square video gives you 78% more screen real estate boosting engagement by as much as 100%.

Classic Video

Desktop videos are still important. We do them right.

Pro Memes

Memes used to be a joke; now they’re red-hot. We’ll create pro-memes capable of bringing in stunning results.

Compilations Videos

We can create custom videos from as many videos as you can throw at us. Cue the Rocky Montage!

Captioned Videos

85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off, but with our captions, they’ll still hear what you have to say.

Vertical Videos

Your videos are being watched on mobile whether you like it or not. By making them vertical, you can make you’re getting the results you deserve.


You don’t have to be on Instagram to make your videos look like a million dollars; we’ll do that for you.

Intros & Outros

Open BIG and close with a BANG! Make sure your branding is remembered and inspire action in every video thanks to clear, inspiring calls to action.

FREE Consultations

Every new client gets a free consultation worth $250 to talk about the best way to get the right video working in your business. No hassle, no obligation, just honest advice.

How It Works

Step 1.

Visit our contact page and fill in the contact form with a brief outline of your requirements or contact us directly on the number given and let’s talk in person like in the good old days!

Step 2.

We’ll arrange a free consultation call to talk through your potential project and options.

Step 3.

If you like our quote, we’ll send over a questionnaire about your product or service.

Step 4.

We’ll get to work on your custom video project.

Let's Talk

Step 5.

Your custom video will be delivered in formats compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and all other major video hosts, ready to bring in a flood of clicks, customers and new fans. is a trademark of eDigitalBros © 2019-2023. All Rights Reserved 

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